Custom Built Homes

Everyone wants a space that meets their needs and lifestyle. That is why we start by getting to know you.

Crafted with you in mind.

A Home for You

Within each subdivision, our team carefully crafts a variety of homes based on lot size, availability, and expertise.

Semi-Custom Options

For those who select a home early on in the building process, we have a subset of options available for you to customize from cabinetry to fixtures.

A Team You Can Trust

Our staff are carefully selected for their experience, approach to setbacks, and communication skills. You’ll be informed and prioritized at every turn.

The Process

1. Choose Location

We are proud to provide prospective home-buyers with access to beautifully designed subdivisions in the local area. By picking from the available options near you, you can be sure to find a subdivision that meets your needs and expectations of a quality home and neighborhood.

2. Want Custom? Pick Early!

Building your dream home starts with selecting a lot with the potential for customization. The earlier you choose a lot, the more customizations you can make to create your ideal home. Starting the process now will give you maximum flexibility in building the home you really want.

3. Give Us a Call

Our friendly staff will be happy to reserve the lot for you and schedule a showing at your convenience. Take advantage of our construction expertise and start the process today to make your dream home a reality in Oregon.

4. Move In!

You can achieve the peace of mind that comes with a secure, brand new home in Oregon. With our team of expert builders and construction specialists, we ensure a fast, simple, and efficient process to provide you with the home of your dreams.

Mcnary 451

At our construction company, we provide custom-built homes that are designed to meet your exact needs and vision. We understand that everyone’s dream home is different and pride ourselves on creating structures that meet exact specifications. If you have property and have ideas on how you’d like to have a home built for your family, we would love to discuss how to make your vision a reality. With our skilled and experienced team, you can trust us to create the home of your dreams.


Ready to Get the Ball Rolling?